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Energy Construction Services (ECS)

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Our Vision

Our vision at ECS is to pave the way for universal access to sustainable and renewable energy, ensuring it is easily attainable for all, fostering a world where clean and green energy is the norm.

Our Mission

ECS’s mission is to synergize society’s transition to renewable energy through innovative, reliable solutions backed by quality and safety. We aim to deliver unparalleled value and eco-friendly energy initiatives, contributing to sustainable advancements in Vietnam’s renewable sectors.

Core Values

Reason For Choosing Us

17 SDGs

Unated Nations Sustainable Development Goals

As a company that cares, our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is integrated into our strategies across our business value chain. Based on priority, 8 SDGs most relevant to the business have been highlighted with objectives to both increase the positive impact and reduce negative impact from business operations. Long-term strategies for each goal have been implemented and monitored.

Good Health and Well-being
ECS's employees are always fully equipped with knowledge, skills and personal protective equipment to ensure maximum safety during work. In addition, ECS also pays great attention to the nutrition and rest regimes for employees during the project implementation.
Quality Education
Encourage employees to learn and practice professional knowledge and skills. Company sponsors and organizes monthly training.
Gender Equality
Support gender equality through activities such as celebration of International Women's Day 8/3, Vietnamese Women's Day 20/10, maternity allowance and create the ideal work environment for female employees with children to work.
Affordable and Clean Energy
We actively seek renewable energy projects to ensure growth with sustainability.
Decent Work and Economic Growth
Our company operates with employee protection policies and fairness policies such as no salary cut, competitive salary, implement occupational safety policies and promoting employee solidarity.
Reduced Inequalities
Our company strives to reduce inequality by creating equal conditions for all employees to participate in professional courses and technical training with the goal of improving employees' proficiency.
Life Below Water
We ensure compliance with the regulations on waste treatment and pollution throughout project implementation.
Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
Our people adhere to the highest ethical standards in their dealings with stakeholders. By adopting the justice approach to ethical decision making, we strive to maintain fairness in all our dealings. We are committed that ECS's business standards always comply with the current circulars and regulations according to the law.
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